80cf Scuba Diving Tank – New Aluminum Cylinder with Combo Valve Review

Diving recently is getting more and more popular among people who love to enjoy going and seeing different thing during their spare time. People are able to work very hard for almost all the time but they surely also have the right to enjoy the result of their hard work. It can be done by doing anything but they need to refresh their mind and body. Diving can be perfect option for challenging their selves to see the new world which is very beautiful under the water. It is included in the extreme sport so people need to prepare every single thing carefully including the diving tank because it will be the primary source of oxygen under the water. People are able to find various scuba diving tank products but 80cf Scuba Diving Tank – New Aluminum Cylinder with Combo Valve can be one product which people want to learn further.

80cf Scuba Diving Tank - Aluminum Cylinder

It is crucial for equipping the most suitable scuba diving tank when people want to enjoy the underwater world beauty. They do not want to have health problem or even face death just because they do not make proper preparation. Diving tank is offered with various sizes but the most popular size for the diving cylinder with aluminum material is the S-80 cylinder size. People will be able to find the S-80 cylinder which comes from the aluminum alloy with high strength. The best quality material is manufactured in accordance with the requirement regulation in the United States as well as Canda. This product has the combo valve and people want to convert the combo valve which is included in the product. People will be able to make conversion from K-type die cylinder to DIN type. The conversion can be done by removing the center plug of the unit with allen wrench with 8mm measurement.


There is no doubt that people will be able to get the great product which comes with 80 CF air capacities. This diving tank also has 207 bar working pressure. 1.9 pounds salt water buoyancy can be found in full circumstance meanwhile 3.8 pounds salt water buoyancy can be found in the empty condition. The diving cylinder has the height 29.75 inches added with the valve. There are many customers who are satisfied with this unit because of various great things which can be found but people of course have to be very careful when choosing the scuba diving tank for their underwater exploration.


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