Competition Electronics ProChrono Digital Chronograph Review

This is the time for digitalization and people are able to find many products which are digitalized. Technology surely can be applied in various circumstances and it is not only about things which are associated with the computer directly because people are also able to find various other things which can be digitalized including chronograph. Chronograph is important tool for measuring the velocity of projectiles and now people are able to find the digital option of this unit. One product of digital chronographs which can be chosen is Competition Electronics ProChrono Digital Chronograph. It is the digital chronograph which comes with LCD readout which has large size and four digits.

Competition Electronics ProChrono Digital Chronograph

There are various kinds of great features which people can find from this product. Of course people will be curious about the ability of this chronograph. This unit is able to measure the projectile which is shot with 21-7,000 feet per second range. The digital unit has ability to read the speed with feet per second or meters per second readout. Nine shot strings will be stored by this unit. Each string comes with up to 99 shots in the power down memory. The unit has ability to review the data of shot string as well as velocity. There are some aspects which can be recorded by this unit as well including the velocity in average, extreme speed, as well as standard deviation. The individual shots or even the entire string can be deleted from this unit memory by using the remote accessories. The range of operating temperature of this unit is 32-100 degrees Fahrenheit. It is able to record the date between shoots with 250-500 mSec time range. Shot timing resolution is crystal controlled with 750 nSec specification. It comes with on and off switch as well as alkaline battery with 9 volts capacity which is not included in the package.


Those great features are not the only great thing which people can find from this unit because they are also able to find various kinds of optional accessories which can be used for customizing the digital chronograph. Nevertheless, there are some drawbacks which can be found from the unit. The weight of this unit is pretty light but it is a little light weight so they need to add bar stock piece for getting more grounded feel. This unit is also made from plastic so people are not able to expect that this unit can be very durable investment.


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