Evanix Rainstorm II PCP Air Rifle Details and Review

Evanix Rainstorm II PCP Air Rifle is one of popular guns we can find in market. The whole features and specifications of it are the precharged pneumatic which can be found in many air guns; the Evanix rainstorm; shrouded barrel which is great to lessen the noise; Side lever chocking; 2-staged adjustable trigger; and also has manual safety feature. It uses Indonesian walnut for its stock, unique checkering for the grip and forearm, air pressure gauge, and also adjustable butt pad.

Evanix Rainstorm II PCP Air Rifle air rifle


Evanix Rainstorm II PCP Air Rifle has 4 types or models of this series which are 13 rds/.177 which can have 26 shots per fill; 11 rds/.22 which can have 22 shots per fill; 10 rds/.25 which can have 20 shots per fill; and also 7rds/9mm which can have 14 shots per fill. This model has the same circular clip like what the Conquest air rifles, the Evanix Speed, and the Max bullpup use. The main feature of this rifle is its single-shot feature. Yet, for those who like to hunt, you better choose rifle which has a repeater. This Evanix Rainstorm has quick follow up shots feature that will give you a quick shot. Thus, you do not need to open the pellet tin first and then pulling out a round, close the tin, and cock and load your rifle. These long processes are cut.


With the features above, you can have fun while hunting small game. Well, almost all reviewers give 5 stars to the performance of this rifle. While talking aboutEvanix Rainstorm II PCP Air Rifle, this reviewer says that it has excellent accuracy, performance, and also value for money. It is also vey accurate. Yet, he says that the Evanix needs to re-design its safety feature. Another reviewer also says that this is a very nice hunting rifle. He buys the .22 and also .30 powerful and accurate riffle. He finds nothing that the manufacturer has to change, which means no faults in this rifle.


Another reviewer says that Evanix Rainstorm II PCP Air Rifle is super accurate. He is happy when the Evanix makes rifles in this caliber. This is great for hunting coyote or rabbit, which are moving very fast. Well, he says that the Evanix needs to change the air reservoir. Make it bigger so that people will get more shots per fill. Though it has shrouded barrel, some still find that this rifle is too noisy compare to other kinds of rifle.


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