Shooting Chrony F-1 Chronograph (Green) Review

When people are talking about shooting, there is no doubt that it will be all about the way to shoot the target correctly. However, it is not only about shooting target correctly because it is also crucial for measuring the velocity of the projectiles. There is special tool which should be used for measuring the projectiles velocity which is called chronograph. Various chronograph products can be found but people can find one of the best chronograph products from Shooting Chrony F-1 Chronograph (green). The speed of projectiles including bullets can be measured by this unit with 30-7,000 feet per second range. For measuring the speed, the unit can be mounted on the tripod but it is also able to be placed on the table. People should learn further about the features which can be found from this unit.

Shooting Chrony F-1 Chronograph (green)

The feature which can be seen the most from this unit is the large display which is able to show the shot velocities which are numbered. The unit includes the jack which can be used with the Chrony Ballistic Printer which is optional and sold separately. The power of this unit comes from one unit of nine volts battery which is not included in the package. A single battery can be used for 48 hours of nonstop use. The measurement of the unit is 7 x 4 inches size. It only has two inches height when it is folded. The weight of this unit is less than two pounds. Buying this unit will make people get the three years limited warranty from the manufacturer. One thing for sure, this unit is made of 20 gauge steel which means that people will be able to get sturdy as well as durable unit. The LCD which has large size can be another great advantage which can be found from this unit. Wire rods are used for making the triangular shooting areas side. The triangle top is formed by tough strip with 2 x 1/8 inch size. It also has polyethylene plastic with high density.


It is true that this product offers easiness, durability, as well as great work. Nevertheless, there are some things which seems not good enough including the battery which is only one so people want to add it if it is possible. This unit comes with limited upgrade ability. People need to upgrade the unit first before they can reset the unit remotely or use the printer for recording.


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